4 Benefits of Moving in the Spring

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The majority of moves in the United States occur during the summer months of June, July, and August. However, there are several benefits to moving in the spring that shouldn’t be overlooked. From the availability of moving companies to the ideal house-selling market, moving in the spring has proven to be beneficial for many families.

Benefits of a Spring Move

Before you put a hold on the moving boxes and calling a Flagstaff, AZ moving company, consider if these four benefits can convince you to make a spring move.

  1. Mild weather: Let’s be honest, even when you hire a professional moving company, transitioning your family in the scorching summer heat isn’t exactly a vacation. The spring weather is more mild, allowing you to avoid the snowy roads of a winter move but getting the job complete just before triple-digit temperatures spread across the country. Allow the comfortable temperatures to reduce your stress.
  2. Less expensive: By scheduling professional movers in the spring months, you’ll likely benefit from a price cut compared to peak move season. The summer months are packed with competition and it can be difficult to find a moving group you trust and that is available on your timelines, which means you could pay a premium to get a company to meet your schedule. In the spring months, there’s less competition for moving companies, keeping the prices relatively low.
  3. Transition schools: For a family move, you want to choose a time that is comfortable for the children to make the transition without missing school days. Spring break offers the opportunity to complete the move and transfer your child into a new school setting without them getting behind on classwork.
  4. Hot real estate market: Spring is historically the best time of year to list a home for sale. House hunters are out looking for a new property after being cooped up indoors all winter long. Many buyers want to make the home purchase and be moved in themselves before summer hits. The influx of buyers means you’re more likely to sell your home quickly and at a higher price than other real estate seasons.

If you’re considering a move this spring, take advantage of these benefits and make a smooth transition to your new home before the peak of summer hits.

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