Moving Tips

Moving Management is proud to offer tidy and efficient moving services for clients in Northern Arizona. If you are moving homes in Flagstaff, AZ or its surrounding areas, call us for year-round fast and friendly service. Moving Management understands that moving homes or commercial spaces can be incredibly stressful, so here’s a page of moving tips to help get you on the road and onto new experiences.

Moving Management’s Top Moving Tips:

Don’t Procrastinate

Moving can be stressful, and resisting changes is a natural side effect of approaching a new experience. Rather than avoiding your move altogether, take some time to combat procrastination with some pen-and-paper strategizing time.

Take Time to Reflect

Moving must be organized in order to go smoothly. Whether your move is residential or commercial, a moment to reflect can help increase your efforts and efficiency… Making a to-do list is a simple reflection exercise that can show you exactly how much work can go into your move as you begin to see some of the tasks that may take longer to complete. Take your to-do list a step further and divide it into have-to’s, need-to’s, and want-to’s to help with prioritization. Sometimes the best way to start packing is simply by thinking about and documenting the steps that must take place during your move.

Purge your Clutter

As you pack up, if you realized something in your home has not been used, or has collected a large amount of dust, ask yourself if you even need it anymore. Minimizing your content as you move helps open up room for change, flexibility, and growth. Minimalism can aid in the sharpening of domestic and commercial spaces, so if you haven’t delved into a healthy purge, simply designate a space for unwanted items alongside of your packing.

Ask Around for Gently-Used Boxes

Ask nearby stores for their leftover boxes. This is a way to save big while packing up all of your things in large, industrial-worthy boxes. Boxes will also allow the professionals at Moving Management to move your items quickly and in an organized way. For example, many clients will pack all of the kitchen items together with appropriate labels so that they are easy to find an unpack once the items have moved.

Pack Room by Room

Moving can be chaotic if you try to pack up all rooms at once, or categorize all of your items. Simplify the situation and pack up one room at a time, and be sure to clearly label the boxes. You can even tag your boxes with different colors of tape to represent different rooms. Labeling the boxes is important. The more carefully you label the boxes, the less likely you are to lose something in the move.

Separate your Valuables

It’s important to move personal, valuable things on your own. You can take these items with you in your vehicle, and entrust them yourself.

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