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When undergoing a commercial or residential relocation, many questions can come to mind for you, your family, or your employees. With Moving Management, we seek to take the stress and worry out of the moving process. Our centralized planning, combined with our family-friendly service, seeks to ensure complete satisfaction with your individual relocation. While our expert associates and administrators can answer any of your questions concerning your move once an assessment of your relocation situation has been made, if you have not already made such arrangements, this webpage can help clarify some of the questions you may have. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, or if you would like to move forward with arranging a relocation with Moving Management, don’t wait to give us a call. Our customer care associates are waiting to field any question that you may have.

At what point should I call a moving company?

When you start to move, it may not be immediately clear when you are ready to contact professional relocation services. Depending on your readiness prior to your contacting Moving Management, it may be wise to take time and prepare your belongings and organize for the move. This preparation will make the job of our associates much easier during their assessment and production of a price estimate for your relocation. In general, contacting Moving Management one month prior to your ideal date will provide sufficient time for that preparation and organization to take place.

How long will my move take?

With every move there are issues and concerns that present themselves. Completing utility transfers, changing addresses with government organizations, and forwarding your mail are all things that ought be completed prior to your move. To this end, the greater your preparation and organization is prior to your call to Moving Management, the more streamlined your relocation experience will be. In addition, the actual distance of your move is a large factor in determining the duration, with a nation-wide relocation being far longer than an inter-city relocation.

What method should I use to pay?

Moving Management accepts all major credit/debit cards, and processes our payment through a unique order methodology. Our online portal allows for the expenses associated with your relocation to be monitored, approved, and paid in a prompt and secure fashion. Your personal information as well as the information concerning the details of your move are securely encrypted, and any and all charges require your confirmation before payment needs to be made. For our government and commercial customers, we offer flat-rate pricing with a “no additional cost guarantee”. For our residential customers, we are proud to offer flexible pricing plans in accordance with your individual needs and means.

At what point should I pay for my move?

With Moving Management, we believe that your satisfaction with your relocation ought come before any payment is made. In order to ensure the complete fulfillment of the needs of your move, we utilize the aforementioned secure online portal to process your payments. If you are a commercial or government customer, we use a secure web-based auditing system that will provide full transparency on the expenses of your relocation. For our residential customers, Moving Management offers payment plans that are negotiated and arbitrated entirely after an obligation-free estimate of the price of your move is performed. It is our firm belief that the customer ought not pay for a service that they have not observed and experienced.

What time is best for my move?

While this is a difficult question to answer, as every individual relocation situation requires different solutions, some general guidelines can be established. It is often best to avoid planning a relocation during the summer, as the density of traffic and variations in climate throughout our areas of service can result in delays and potential additional expenses. In addition, the greater the extent of your personal planning for your relocation, the more streamlined the relocation will be. As previously mentioned, individual timelines may vary, but Moving Management will always remain ready to provide relocation services whether your move takes you across the city or across the nation.

What affects the cost of my move?

As previously mentioned, there are often peripheral factors that can impact the eventual expenses associated with your relocation. With Moving Management, we are able to provide an obligation-free estimate to all of our customers, which will provide general insight into the financial requirements of your move. Our expert associates will evaluate the transportation and logistical needs of your particular situation and will be able to create an outline of the expenses associated with that plan. In addition, peripheral and potential expenses can be estimated in accordance with your provision of additional details.

How does the commercial relocation process work with Moving Management?

For the relocation of your business, Moving Management utilizes a centralized, comprehensive commercial relocation process to ensure the satisfaction of your corporation and your employees. Our relocation administrators will adhere to the relocation policies of your individual firm, and will provide prompt logistical implementation of your commercial move. Our transportation services are provided by the globally-renowned Atlas World Group, whose participation in your relocation will expedite and streamline the often stressful and worrisome commercial relocation process.

How will my commercial relocation impact my employees?

During a commercial relocation, Moving Management will create an all-encompassing, structured plan to ensure our customers’ comfort and the fulfillment of their individual relocation needs. One of our expert relocation management groups will accompany and assist in your commercial move and provide the employees of your business with the support necessary for a smooth transition. In addition, our associates at our corporate office will make themselves available for communication 24/7 to facilitate an easier relocation process for your management and employees. Our billing process retains two audit procedures, which will create an atmosphere of confidence and security for your employees and the financial situation of your particular business. Finally, this billing process transpires entirely online to provide transparency for those employees involved in the financial maintenance of your commercial move.

I have to reschedule my move. How will this impact my relocation?

Unfortunately, any inconveniences or disruptions when moving are possible. These disruptions can be out of your control, and Moving Management is entirely aware of unexpected circumstances. In the event that you need to reschedule, Moving Management understands. When the needs to reschedule arises, Moving Management offers flexible relocation plans to ensure that your move occurs on your schedule. Even after our routine obligation-free estimate is made, we will do our best to accommodate your rescheduled move.


Accouterments Questions

Can Moving Management help me pack my belongings?

While Moving Management offers residential relocation services, our capacity to help with the individual organization of your belongings remains limited. Our professional expertise lies primarily within the actual physical relocation and completion of the relocation, rather than the organization of the individual belongings that would logically precede such a relocation. To this end, Moving Management does not currently offer packing services.

With that being said, please let us know about your personal needs regarding your move and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We understand that our clients are trying to move and any step in making that process easier is greatly appreciated.

What kinds of belongings are transported by Moving Management?

With Moving Management, a majority of the belongings transported utilizing our access to Atlas World Group vehicles are furniture and non-perishable belongings. Despite this, there are other items that you may want to include in planning for your transition. Depending on the distance of your move, it may be possible move perishable goods, although Moving Management recommends that our customers make alternative arrangements with specialized transport firms in the event that their transition is of a great distance. Items of extraordinary value, such as personal jewelry, hard currency, precious metals, and other physical investments may be packed as part of your transition with Moving Management, although it is recommended that these items be carried or transported by our customers themselves to ensure complete personal security.

Do I need an assessment or estimate before I undergo a move?

The process of fulfilling a residential or commercial relocation is often complex. While many moving companies would require a deposit or prior payment, it is the firm belief of Moving Management that an obligation-free assessment of your transition situation be performed before any relocation services are rendered. This assessment provides both our employees and our customers with greater clarity concerning the logistical and financial requirements of a potential transition. Traditionally, our associates will perform an estimate of the cost of your relocation without incurring any payment, but alternative arrangements can be made in the event that your transition requires more immediate attention. Our associates are highly flexible and experienced in handling a variety of moving situations and their priority remains ensuring complete customer satisfaction with their chosen relocation services.

What exactly can I move with Moving Management?

Moving Management offers commercial, residential and municipal relocation services, backed by the world-renowned Atlas World Group. Atlas World Group provides the vehicles and coordination capacity made available by Moving Management.

Is the estimate that Moving Management’s relocation assessment guaranteed?

While our obligation-free assessment does come free for our corporate and government customers, there are circumstances that may alter those conditions. As always, Moving Management insists that our customers not pay for any of our services that they have not personally observed or experienced. Despite this, there are certain situations where the assessment provided by our associates may prove inaccurate. In certain cases, peripheral factors such as vehicle breakdowns, additional labour, and the extended storage of personal belongings can potentially incur additional charges. These charges, and all others, are subject to our pre-audit and post-audit reviews, and require authorization and approval from our customers in order to be enforced.

What is the difference between non-binding and binding estimates?

When our associates perform an estimate for the price of your relocation, the initial estimate that is provided entails a single assessment. Should additional assessments be required, as is sometimes the case in the transition plans of our larger, corporate or government customers, those assessments may become binding. While non-binding estimates are offered and can be completed within one business day, binding estimates are offered when such an assessment requires the attention of our business associates for a longer period of time. As with all charges at Moving Management, these expenses will require authorization and approval of our staff and our customer before coming into force.


With Moving Management, the efficacy and economy of your move is our greatest priority. Our movers and administrators will work for you to ensure your individual relocation needs are fulfilled and that you are completely satisfied with your experience. Our services, as part of the globally-renowned relocation firm Atlas World Group, are some of the best in the nation. Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, Moving Management can provide planning and support to help make your transition as smooth as possible. If you intend to make Moving Management part of your next move, or if you simply have questions regarding our relocation services, don’t wait to give us a call. Our associates can be reached during normal business hours and are ready to field any and all of your relocation questions.

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