Moving FAQ

The process of a residential or commercial transition is often complicated. Determining the financial and logistical needs of your relocation situation often requires professional assistance. However, there are often common questions that confront first-time customers with professional moving services. We at Moving Management believe that clarifying these questions is one of the first steps to success in your relocation.

Is the estimate that I receive from Moving Management obligatory?

The estimate that you receive from Moving Management for a commercial or residential relocation service does not entail initial fees. Our expert transition coordinators will arrive at your location and perform an assessment of your logistical and financial situation to find the transition plan that will ensure your personal success.

How does Moving Management store my belongings?

Moving Management utilizes a network of independent storage services that are coordinated through our central corporate office to ensure that storage space is available for your belongings at your point of origin or eventual destination. Our services are secured and insured in order to provide our customers with additional peace of mind.

How does Moving Management process my payments?

Your services with Moving Management are financially processed through Moving Management’s trademark double-audit payment processing system. The expenses incurred by your services are registered into a ledger that requires the approval of the customer, as well as the approval of an authenticated Moving Management associate. These expenses can viewed through our online portal and paid in a number of methods at the convenience of our customers.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

Life happens. Commercial roadblocks and residential distractions can delay and even negate your plans for relocation. In the event that your transition requires rescheduling, Moving Management understands. Our estimates come at no cost to you, and we insist that no customer pay for a service that they are not completely satisfied with. Your satisfaction is our priority.

When should I call to schedule an appointment?

It is often best to contact a professional moving service up to one month prior to your desired date of departure. This time allows for our expert associates to conduct their assessment of your transition situation and create a plan to best fulfill the needs of your relocation. This assessment is cost free and can be completed according to your scheduling needs. We utilize the data from this assessment to create a timeline and schedule for your relocation service to adhere to, and our associates and coordinators will provide support and communication throughout the duration of your transition.

Moving Management Can Meet All of Your Relocation Needs

We hope that Moving Management was able to answer some of your concerns regarding a potential relocation service. If you still have questions regarding your potential commercial or residential transition, feel free to give Moving Management a call. You can contact our expert staff who are prepared to field any and all questions regarding your relocation situation. Contact us today!

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