Why Your Belongings are Safer with Moving Management

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Moving Management handles your property with care as if they were our own belongings. Our quality movers guarantee your items will not be mishandled because we are proudly ProMover certified by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

Protecting Clients with with ProMover Certification

Our ProMover certification is a consumer-protection-driven addition to our business. ProMover certified companies undergo a series of inspections in order to become categorized as a dependable business. As a ProMover certified company, we can say that we are not a rogue operator or imposter of proper business: we are here to do our job and do it well.

Moving Management’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating of A+

A BBB RAting of A+ is a measurement of the Moving Management’s historical work quality. A BBB rating measures positive and negative client and networking feedback according to a point system, and covers topics that range from a quantitative measurement of customer complaints, advertising reviews, and overall company image and performance. Moving Management proudly sports a current BBB rating of A+, and guarantees that you will have little to no complaints along the way, whether your move is international, commercial, or domestic. We are here to help your along the way, and give you 24/7 support.

Tips to Keep your Items Safe in a Move

Moving Management cares that you and your items make it to your new destination safely. Here are some tips to help pack up your things to avoid breakage. If you have specific questions as you pack, please contact our service teams at any time of the day.

  • Use packing paper to cushion fragile items
  • Safeguard your moving area to avoid theft of items
  • Avoid social media moving announcements until you are packed and on the road
  • Pack with a friend, or someone who can give you feedback on your packing methods
  • Pack one room at a time
  • Pack away valuables in each room first
  • Take the most personal and valuable things with you, not in the van
  • Ask moving technicians for califty and specifications if you have questions

When you are looking for a professional moving company, make sure to contact Moving Management.

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